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Events in Bangkok

Bangkok, the bustling capital city of Thailand, is renowned for its vibrant culture, rich history, and a plethora of exciting events that captivate locals and tourists alike. This cosmopolitan metropolis never fails to surprise with its diverse array of events, ranging from traditional festivals and cultural celebrations to international exhibitions and contemporary art showcases. In this article, we delve into some of the noteworthy events in Bangkok that can offer an unforgettable experience to visitors.




Best events in Bangkok


Thailand is known for its beautiful attraction and friendly atmosphere. And as the capital of Thailand, it is normal for Bangkok to be one of the most popular tourist destinations. So when there is event or a big festival, Bangkok is sure at the top of the list for organizer when choosing where to host.

There’re so many meetings and events that take place in Bangkok every year. From casual events to international exhibitions. So, if you want to find a place that can cater to your liking and desirability. Then Bangkok is an ideal choice. Learning and exploring various events that take place in Bangkok for an unforgettable experience


Unforgettable stays for event attendees at ibis Bangkok Silom


hotel to stay while attending events in Bangkok


When you go to events, it’s important to find a good place to stay that will enhance your overall experience. That’s why we are excited to tell you about the ideal hotel for people attending events – Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom is located in the center of Bangkok and provides a comfortable and convenient place to stay with excellent hospitality. If you’re looking for top-quality accommodations while attending events, Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom is the place to go.

Our hotel is in a great spot of the lively Silom neighborhood. It’s really close to important event places, cool tourist spots, and transportation hubs. Hence, you can easily get to conferences, exhibitions, and cultural events without any trouble because everything is nearby.

Furthermore, when you stay at Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom, we care about your comfort. Our hotel put efforts into the room’s design, so you can have a relaxing place to rest after a busy day at events. At the room, you can freshen up with a rain shower in the nice bathroom.

And when it’s time to sleep, you can crawl into the special Sweet Bed™. It’s really comfy with big, fluffy pillows, a super soft blanket, a cushiony mattress topper, and a high-tech mattress that adjusts to your body. Together with a cozy atmosphere that will help you get a good night’s sleep. Surely, you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of fun activities.

Also, our trendy hotel has lots of great amenities that are perfect for everyone attending events. Here, you can stay connected with fast internet, so it’s easy to keep up with work or personal stuff. For exercising and relaxing, we have a fitness center with all the equipment you need. Plus, you can also take a refreshing swim in the rooftop pool while enjoying a beautiful view of the city.

And when it comes to food, ibis Styles Bangkok Silom offers a restaurant that serves delicious dishes with authentical Thai taste. Hence, you will always have a tasty meal to keep you energized for your busy days at the event. Besides, for tranquil moments with delicious drinks, remember to visit POPUP bar in the lobby lounge. Or, feeling the lively vibe at the BOHO rooftop bar of the hotel.


Easy travel to event venues from our trendy hotel


Going to events at popular venues like Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bitec Bangna, and Impact in Bangkok can be really fun. But figuring out how to get those places and find the best transportation can be tricky. Let’s see the clear directions about the different transportation options you can use to reach these event venues from ibis Styles Bangkok Silom hotel.


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is a famous place in Bangkok where exhibitions, conferences, and events take place. Option 1 is to take the BTS Skytrain: first, walk from the hotel to Chong Nonsi BTS station. Then, get on a train going to Mo Chit. At Asok BTS Station, switch to the MRT Sukhumvit Line and take the train towards Hua Lamphong. Finally, get off at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center MRT Station (QSNCC) and follow the signs to reach the venue.

Alternatively, option 2 is to take a taxi or use the Grab app, which is a popular ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia. Just let the driver know that you want to go to Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, and they will take you directly to the destination.


Bitec Bangna (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre)



Bitec Bangna, located in the Bang Na district of Bangkok, is a premier exhibition and convention center. Option 1 involves taking the BTS Skytrain. Start by walking from ibis Styles Bangkok Silom to Chong Nonsi BTS station, then board a train heading towards Siam station.

Then, switch to another train at Siam station to go straight to Bang Na station. You will reach Bitec Bangna after exit the BTS station.

Another option allows you to directly hail a taxi from ibis Styles Bangkok Silom and provide the driver with the address of Bitec Bangna. Or, you can simply use the Grab app to book a ride to the venue.


Impact (Impact Exhibition and Convention Center)




Impact is a big exhibition and convention center located in the Muang Thong Thani area of Bangkok. Also, it’s one of the largest in Southeast Asia. First option is to take the BTS Skytrain and use the Impact Link Shuttle Bus. First, walk from ibis Styles Bangkok Silom to Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain station.

Then, hop on a train going to Mo Chit and get off at Mo Chit BTS Station. From there, you can transfer to the Impact Link Shuttle Bus at Gate 1, which will take you directly to Impact Exhibition and Convention Center.

On the other hand, option 2 allows you to take a taxi or use the Grab app. Inform the driver about the destination and they will take you directly to the venue. This would be an easier way to get to the destination but with a higher budget.


The ultimate shopping destination near ibis Styles Bangkok Silom


MBK shopping center Bangkok


There are many modern shopping malls located near Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom. From Silom Complex, MBK Center, Central World,  and Siam Paragon come with a wide range of stores where you can find fashion, electronics, and lifestyle products. All these shopping malls in Bangkok are very famous has a spacious and modern atmosphere that is welcoming to all shoppers.

Fashion lovers can explore both international and local brands to find the perfect style. And if you are interested in electronics, there are stores with the latest gadgets and appliances. Additionally, the mall has lifestyle stores offering beauty products, home decor, and accessories.

After shopping, you can enjoy a meal at one of the many dining options available. You can relax and indulge in a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants or food courts available within the area. Hence, Ibis Silom is a hotel near a shopping destination and dine all in one location.




As you plan your visit to this dynamic metropolis in 2023, make sure to mark your calendar for these must-visit events that promise unforgettable experiences. Presented by Ibis Bangkok Silom

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